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Gavan Doherty, CEO of 247meeting, joined Bobby Kerr this last Saturday 3rd of March for a special “Down to Business” on companies that thrive in the snow.

Gavan Doherty was invited on the famous radio program “Down to Business” to talk about our latest research “Time is money: Makings meetings work”. After analysing 260,000 conference calls, we discovered that meetings start on average with 12 minutes delay. For a company, it represents a €1123 loss per employee, per year.

Bobby Kerr Down to Business


Gavan and Bobby also discussed the benefits of remote work and what to do to provide flexibility to your employees.

In our free white paper, we share more statistics on how people around Ireland, and in the world, run their meetings. We also compiled pieces of advice from productivity experts and scientists on how to make meetings work better and how to recover these €1123 thanks to our Dial out Conference Call App.

Listen to Gavan Doherty’s interview here


3rd March 2018

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