Our Top 4 Tips for Balancing Running with Work

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balance work and running

This year, 247meeting has the privilege of sponsoring the hugely popular Docklands 5K. The event takes place on Thursday 28th of June with all proceeds going to assist Crusaders AC in promoting sport, health, and well-being in the community. Be sure to sign yourself up either individually or with a team of 3 to what’s sure to be a great event.

In the spirit of this newfound partnership, we’ve pieced together some helpful advice from all the runners in our office on how they manage to balance a busy work life with running!

As anyone who’s tried it will tell you, getting this balance right can be exceedingly difficult. It often feels like there simply isn’t enough time in the day to fit everything in. Without any sort of plan or strategy, you may find yourself neglecting some important aspect of your life. This leads us to our first tips:

Plan Your Week

Each week, look ahead to the coming days and identify opportunities to go for a run. With the bulk of our waking hours spent in the office, and with family/social commitments in the evenings, a little creativity is required when slotting in a run. This may include rising early before work to squeeze in a couple of kilometres, a strategy that has many benefits.

Damien, a front-end designer for 247meeting, says he takes advantage of free time on the weekend to guarantee at least two runs a week. “I think that just doing two or at best three short runs during the working week is a lot more manageable than trying to squeeze a run in every day” suggests Damien, “then I use my weekends to do longer runs.” Most experts agree that it’s unnecessary and even dangerous to run every day.

A Run is a Run is a Run

Not all runs are born equal. Going for a ‘big run’ every time you throw on your running shoes can lead to exhaustion, in turn having a negative impact on your workplace productivity.

“I try not worry about how much distance I’m covering or how quickly I’m running,” says Justyna, a financial administrator at 247meeting. “I just try to enjoy the run I can. For me, worrying about those kinds of details turns running into a chore.”

“Help! I need somebody…”

Finding the time for a run when you’re responsible for children can be a tricky business. Ronan, an account manager with us and father of two, says he often asks friends or relatives to look after his children for 30 minutes or an hour.

“I’ll always be happy to return the favour, I alternate weekends with a son’s friend’s parents. The kids are usually happy to go along so sometimes we manage to rotate twice in one week!”

Cut Corners in Work to Make More Time

We’re definitely not recommending that you turn in sub-par work each week to run more often! But there are aspects of corporate life that drain on our time, we’re looking at you conference calls.

There is a multitude of useful productivity apps and time savers out there for you to take advantage of. Naturally, we recommend checking out the 247meeting Mobile App to save time on conference calls.

All too often, we lose a lot of time waiting for people to dial-in and enter PIN codes to join the call. With 247meeting Mobile App’s patented design, the host of the call simply dials-out to their guests with the touch of a button. By dialling-out, the app removes the need for PIN codes and dial-in numbers, thus saving time on every call.  Saving 5-10 minutes each day on conference calls allows us enough time to accomplish one more run per week! Download the app today to start your free trial!



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