Difference between Dial-In and Dial-Out

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Difference Between Dial-In and Dial-Out

A conference call, when dissected, is a complicated thing. But we’re going to put all the jargon to one side and explain to you in the simplest terms the difference between Dial-In and Dial-Out conference calls.

What is Dial-In?

Imagine your conference call as a room with a PIN code lock on the door. The room itself represents your ‘conference bridge’, this is just a fancy name for your conference call platform. At the scheduled time, all your conference call guests will use their unique PIN codes to unlock the door and enter the room. Typically the host of the meeting will already be on the line, or in our fictitious scenario, they’re already sitting in this room as the guests enter.

This is in essence how a Dial-In conference call works. All guests dial into the call using their unique PIN codes one by one. With Dial-In, there is no guarantee that everyone invited to the call will make it. Sometimes folk lose track of time or find themselves in a spot with a lack of mobile network signal. Dial-In conference calls are the most common form of conference call. Dial-In conference calls also pose a threat to security when certain requirements are overlooked, read more about conference call security here.

What is Dial-Out?

Dropping our room analogy, Dial-Out conference calls are an easier concept to grasp. The host of the conference call essentially calls out to multiple people at the exact same time from one device. As soon as people answer, they’re on the conference call. It’s just like using your phone normally, except several people will be on the receiving end instead of just one.

This is the simplest way to describe the differences between Dial-In and Dial-Out. Dial-Out conference call platforms are less common, but they usually offer greater security as the host is in complete control of who is included on the call, preventing unwanted guests joining in on the call through nefarious means.

For Dial-Out solutions, check out 247meeting Mobile app. Benefits of dialling-out include:

  • No more waiting for each guest to dial-in to the call, the Host simply selects who they want to include and dials-out. This means putting the Host in control of the call and no one can dial-in without their permission.
  • A platform that shows you exactly who is on the call. To ensure confidentiality, it simply can’t be taken for granted how many people are on your conference call. With 247meeting Mobile App, the Host simply glances at their screen and easily see who exactly is on the call.
  • Only the host needs to have the app to successfully carry out a call. All your guests need is access to a phone. This puts speed and convenience to the forefront of your conference calls for those emergency situations when speed is key.



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