Fergus White on Climbing Everest – Part 4

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Fergus White Ascent Into Hell Podcast

In 2009, putting his career in IT consultancy aside, Dubliner Fergus White travelled to the Himalayas to train as a mountaineer. 6 months later during spring 2010, Fergus returned to the Himalayas to climb the 8,848m of Everest, becoming only the 19th Irishman ever to do so.

Hot on the heels of Ascent Into Hell, a thrilling account of his time upon the world’s highest mountain, Fergus has teamed up with close friend Gavan Doherty, CEO of 247meeting, to produce a series of Everest podcasts.

Fergus White Ascent into HellIn our fourth episode, Fergus describes for us the scene at the very top of Everest at 8,848m. Looking north and south of the summit for almost over 350 miles, Fergus describes the knife-edge peak and what lies below.

This series of interviews coincide with the Everest climbing season. Having been blessed with the best weather seen on Everest in over a decade, over 700 hundred climbers have managed to summit the mountain over the space of roughly 10 days. Though, not without the mountain extracting its toll. 5 mountaineers lost their lives on Everest, and 1 succumbed on Lhotse this year. In this episode, Fergus examines these incidents, detailing the dangers and perils involved in climbing high into the ‘Death Zone’.

Catch up with Part 1Part 2, and Part 3 in the series by clicking each link respectively. Tune in to the discussion and be sure to grab a copy of Fergus White’s Ascent Into Hell. Have your say or ask your questions by tweeting @247meeting!



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