Keyboard Shortcuts – Just the Really Really Useful Ones!

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Despite what it says on your CV, how efficient are you with computers really?

Keyboard shortcuts were a hot-topic in the 247meeting office recently. A few of us were shocked and appalled to discover how many of us were unversed in the ancient and mysterious art of keyboard shortcuts. The reactions to these time-saving shortcuts were nothing short of miraculous.

Googling “keyboard shortcuts” will reward you with every single keyboard shortcut there is to know, ever, for every program that ever even remotely flirted with a keyboard. I mean, as amazing as it is, how often do you need to toggle the bookmarks bar on your browser on and off? That’s Ctrl+Shift+B by the way, have fun with that.

So I’ve decided to compile what I believe are the most useful keyboard shortcuts that you’ll encounter every day. These are all performed on a PC. Be sure to make note of the ones relevant to you!


Ctrl+ASelect all
Ctrl+PPrint page



Ctrl+NNew window
Ctrl+TNew tab
Ctrl+Shift+TReopens the last closed tab (can reopen more than one tab)
Ctrl+WCloses the current tab
Ctrl+R or F5Refresh
Ctrl+LHighlights the contents of the address bar
Ctrl+FSearch for certain words on the page
Alt+TabToggles between any open windows
Alt+Left Arrow/Right ArrowBack a page/Forward a page
Ctrl+Shift+NOpens new incognito window (Chrome)
Ctrl+EnterQuickly complete a website address. Type “google” into the address bar, hitting Ctrl+Enter adds “”
Ctrl+Left ClickOpens a link in a new tab
HomeBrings you right back to the top of the page


Using these shortcuts in sequence further optimises your browsing experience. For example: say you don’t understand a certain word or expression in an online article. Simply double-click the word so that it is highlighted. Then hit Ctrl-C / Ctrl-T / Ctrl-V followed Enter one after another, and you will have run a search for that expression in a new tab!

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