The Best Video Conferencing Hardware for your Business

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the best video conferencing hardware for your business

Today, businesses of every size must avail to some sort of conferencing solution in order to remain relevant. But with a constant myriad of technological advancements hitting shelves each year, it can be tricky to find the best conferencing hardware for you and your business.

We here at 247meeting have encountered more than our fair share of meeting rooms in organisations both big and small. So, we’ve decided to share with you some useful hardware and programs that we found to be incredibly useful!

Creston Mercury

Creston Mercury is an all-in-one tabletop solution that supports any web collaboration tool. That’s great news for those frustrated at the fact that they can’t reach someone due to the fact they use a different collaboration software. Mercury makes video conferencing accessible with every platform, while also acting as a SIP conference phone. There’s a room scheduling function, as well as boasting incredible audio quality. At such a competitive price and with amazing interoperability, it would make a perfect tool for any sized enterprise.

Logitech ConferenceCam Connect

This single unit conference camera is certainly one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs for a conference camera we’ve ever seen. With its cylindrical design, stylish, inbuilt remote control, along with its ability to run on battery power, this is a great device for those who are always on the go. You can turn any room into a conference room! With a 90 degree camera, omnidirectional microphones, and the fact that it also operates as a Bluetooth speaker, we see the Connect as the perfect addition to any huddle room or small/home office.

HuddleCam HD 3X

The HuddleCam HD is a fantastic piece of equipment for any small to medium-sized business. Competitively priced compared to other cameras listed here, the camera provides 3x optical zoom and an 81 degree field of view. The HuddleCam utilises USB 2.0, so you can connect it with your Creston Mercury, or other similar devices. A no-nonsense conference camera, ideal for those unconcerned about the finer details and just requires a well-built camera that won’t let them down. A perfect device that skips on price but not functionality.

AVer VB342

Another product from AVer, the VB342 is an all-in-one unit fit for any medium-sized organisation. With 4K resolution and a 180 degree viewable area manipulated with a motorised pan and tilt, this elegantly designed camera and speaker unit won’t break the bank to get your hands on. The Vb342 can be wall mounted and can pick up voices clearly from over 12 feet away.

AVer VC520

This heavy-duty conference camera that offers unbeatable AV quality. Featuring a 12x zoom ratio and a remote to control both pan and zoom functions. Aver VC520 can be wall mounted and would be a perfect device for any large boardrooms. The device allows you to extend your conference to mobile devices and also multiple speaker units.

Sennheiser TeamConnect Wireless

A definite must-have for any attendee of large conference calls, the TeamConnect Wireless contains four speaker/microphone units all housed in a stylish charging case. With up to six participants per unit, the TeamConnect can host up to 24 guests per call with unparalleled audio quality. The only downside is the hefty price tag, but for large organisations looking for an on-demand conferencing solution.

Acoustic Panels

If you’re looking for exceptional audio quality on your conference calls, we recommend lining the walls of your meeting room with several acoustic panels. Eliminating any echo in the room, acoustic panels are extremely cost effective and can improve the audio quality of even the best microphones.

Zoom Rooms

Amazingly, Zoom Rooms is the world’s first software-based video conference room solution. For enterprises of any size, Zoom Rooms offers unbeatable interconnectivity. Zoom Rooms supports a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ environment, so you can bring your mobile device or laptop and immediately share their display wirelessly.

Easy to set up and even easier to use, Zoom Rooms also resells ‘Zoom Room Kits’, offering pre-arranged video conferencing set-ups as a package so you can get everything you need with one easy purchase.



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