Why pay for conference calls? Prices and features Comparison

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When searching for conference call services, you may come across a few providers who will promise you free conference calls. Sadly, there is no such thing as free conference calls, and you might want to know what lies behind that as most of the times, free conference call services end up being more expensive than normal audio conference call services.

Here is a comparison table just to explain it more clearly for you. 


Cost of a 30-minutes conference call for 5 participants

Prefix  Dial-in NumberFrom a Landline*From a Mobile**
Free conference call services providers0818€8€51
247meeting Anytime FreeLocal NumberIncluded in your Bill Pay Plan and minutes bundleIncluded in your Bill Pay Plan and minutes bundle
247meeting AnytimeLocal NumberIncluded in your Bill Pay Plan and minutes bundle.

+ €7.5 conference call charges

Included in your Bill Pay Plan and minutes bundle.

+ €7.5 conference call charges

*This pricing is based on Eir pricing list, January 2018

** This pricing is based on Three price guide, January 2018


0818 numbers

Most of the companies that claim to offer free conference calls provide you actually with invoice-free conference calls. They won’t charge you especially for the conference call. Instead, they will get their revenue from premium rate dial-in numbers. The bad side of it is that you might see a significant increase in your phone bill as 0818 numbers rate per minute varies from €0.08 to €0.50, depending on your phone carrier and whether you’re calling from a landline or mobile. Not only will it affect you, but your guests too.

Before choosing this kind of service, think of whether you want your Guest to end up paying an extra fee for a call YOU set up.


Revenue shared

Some other Telcos providers will offer you free conference calls from local numbers. If you have a one-off conference call, it might just be what you need. You won’t get an invoice from them, no need to set up credit details either. These are numbers priced at a local rate that will be included in your Bill Pay plan (247meeting Anytime Free falls into this category). These services are supported by a small amount per-minute payment that they receive from Eir or BT for calls made to their numbers. You certainly won’t get a stroke when checking your bill, but if you are holding an international conference call, your Guests might, as most of these providers won’t offer international dial-in numbers.

In our case, we also provide local numbers in 96 countries, so you’re sorted. It means no bad surprises for your clients and teams abroad. Their call to our dial-in numbers will either be included in their Bill Pay plan or be charged at a national, local rate.


Check Extra-Features

Depending on your industry, the size of your conference calls, the kind of Guests you invite on calls (clients, teams, providers…), you might have extra needs that only normal conference call service providers will offer. 

Here is the essential Checklist: 

  • Examine the features provided. The following ones might be handy features when organising frequent meetings. They become compulsory if you deal with clients and external stakeholders.
  • Check the quality of the line; you want to ensure that it is even. If possible, try them also from abroad.
  • Test their customer service.
    • How easy is it to contact them?
    • Do they offer online chat?
    • Is there a phone number or support email address accessible?
    • Do they have offices in your country or time zone?
    • When contacting them, are they responsive enough?


We hope this helped, feel free to check our pricing page and ask us any question you may have!



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