Earth Electrical Expand And Manage Their 24/7 Emergency Electrician Network

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Earth Electrical is a company based in the UK, providing 24/7 emergency electrical services. Earth Electrical is a trusted provider that relies on a network of seasoned electricians. The company started in Nottingham, United Kingdom, before extending to larger cities such as Birmingham and Liverpool.

As a growing business, Earth Electrical needed to review their work processes to maintain their high rate of responsiveness in emergency situations. They were looking for a solution to facilitate three-way conversations between their customers, operators, and electricians, who are always on the move. 247meeting devised the perfect solution.

They customised their Mobile App to Earth Electrical needs:
• Creation of a 247meeting Mobile App account used in conjunction with –
• An exclusive conference call phone line dedicated to the Electrical emergencies

Every time a customer rings Earth Electrical, the operator answers on their smartphone, takes their details, finds the closest electrician available and adds the electrician to the call.
To add the electrician, they just open the app, pick the electrician from their contacts and they are automatically placed in the conference call, with the customer and the operator, to arrange a call out. All this in a couple of minutes.




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