Cannon Berlin Group Seamlessly Coordinate Teams In Ireland, UK And Germany

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Cannon Berlin communicate remote teams

Cannon Berlin Group, a Real Estate Developer, manage projects and remote teams in Ireland, Germany and the United Kingdom. They chose the 247meeting Mobile App to communicate easily with their collaborators. Check our Case Study to see how the 247meeting Mobile app could answer your need too.


Cannon Berlin Group is a Real Estate Developer, overseeing all stages of the development process, from land acquisition and planning to the construction, sales, marketing and management of their completed projects. They deliver high-standard, sustainable residential properties in Ireland, Germany and the United Kingdom.

In Real Estate Development, more than anywhere else, time is money. Poor communications and misunderstandings result in lags which have a significant impact on production costs.

As a company spread over several European countries, Cannon Berlin Group needed a tool to reach their directors and remote teams wherever they were, quickly, should it be in an office or a construction site.

247meeting Mobile perfectly suited their requirements. It allows the Host of a conference call to reach – instantaneously – any group, on landline or mobile. When answering their phone, the Guests are automatically placed on the conference call, ready to discuss and take action. No need for them to download anything.
For Real Estate Developers, always on the go, dealing with dispersed teams and on-site workers is a big challenge. The app facilitates communication between team or project members in different locations without having to wait for the next scheduled conference call.

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