Eversheds Sutherland ensures its Business Continuity with 247meeting

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Man struggling with his company's Business Continuity

Eversheds Sutherland, one of the Top 10 Law Firms in the UK, chose 247meeting as their solution to manage Business Continuity, and reach a designated set of people swiftly and securely 24/7. Check our Case Study to see how our app could answer your need too.

As one of the largest law firms worldwide, Eversheds Sutherland sometimes face emergency situations where fast and efficient responses are required.

Aware that, in crisis management, anticipation is key to success, they needed a 24/7 Business Continuity Group to reach Executives at any moment. Confidentiality was also essential to protect their clients’ interests. As they had been successfully using 247meeting Audio, Video, Web Conference and Corporate services since 2008, they naturally contacted 247meeting’s team to ask for a solution.

247meeting recommended their Crisis Management Conference solution and 247meeting Mobile to ensure their Conference Calls’ Confidentiality.


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Case Study on Business Continuity



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