Permanent TSB Chooses 247meeting to Cater Secure & Convenient Conference Calls

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permanent tsb

Permanent TSB is one of the Top providers of retail financial services in the Irish domestic banking market. With 1.1 million customers served, 77 branches across the country, and around 2,400 employees, they deliver durable and long-term results in banking with a customer-centric mindset.

As a champion of high performance, the group is continuously promoting and improving their collaborative working process. After several years of successful collaboration with 247meeting, Permanent TSB approached the conferencing services provider with an interesting challenge. Knowing that PIN codes and dial-in numbers are one of the biggest pet peeves in contemporary office life and a huge loss of highly skilled employees’ time, 247meeting was asked to tackle the issue while ensuring the confidentiality of their conference calls. The solution would need to be implemented in multiple meeting rooms.

Ronan Conroy, Operations Manager at 247meeting, came up with a solution that satisfied each and every one of Permanent TSB’s requirements: the Direct Entry option. Every meeting room’s phone would be programmed to have a one-touch dial to 247meeting’s conference call bridge, solving the need for dial-in numbers and Host PIN codes. It saved employees the hassle of remembering PIN code while also keeping it secret, thus confidential. If no one in the meeting room knows what the PIN code is, there is no risk of someone joining calls whether intentionally or not.

247meeting simplified the conferencing process to offer Permanent TSB’s employees an effortless way to connect to their meetings. The new process removes any painpoint so that employees can focus their time and brain power on optimising shareholder value.




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