Can you predict the future?

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Welcome to the Future. October 21st, 2015 has passed us by at 88mph (that’s mistakes per hour if your boss has any say in the matter), which has led people to contemplate the futuristic fantasy portrayed in Back to the Future II.

There was a race to finish some working hoverboards in time for BTTF Day. One effort was even backed by skating legend Tony Hawk. Lists of comparisons were drawn between life in 2015 as imagined in 1989 and life in 2015 as it is unfolding before us and eerily it wasn’t as different as we might think. Nike even presented the film’s lead star with a pair of self tying shoes – the Nike MAGs. While some of the flashier inventions stole the spotlight, here at 247meeting we noticed a less celebrated but no less marvellous prediction for life in 2015: Video Conferencing!

On 21st of October 2015, 47 year old Marty McFly receives a video call from his superiors – Douglas J Needles and Ito T Fujitsu on a large flat screen TV (another prediction to later become realised). Information from a short personality profile, including age, occupation, partner’s name, hobbies and politics scroll below Needles and Fujitsu’s images in conference – thankfully we haven’t seen that in today’s video conferences.

Sadly for Marty McFly the video call was less than pleasant! He is mocked, berated and ultimately fired. The blow of Marty’s termination drives the plot forward because of the visual and emotional impact of video calling – just imagine the scene reshot with a typical phone call instead. No? We didn’t think so.

Video Conferencing, Webinars and Web Conferencing are all part of a suite of services known as ‘Visual Conferencing’ and thankfully the tools to hold these visual conferences are far more versatile, flexible and powerful than even the creative minds of Back to the Future could imagine. Tools such as Zoom offer high quality and effortless video calling experiences.

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“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”