Conference Calling – As Dull As Dishwater?

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Dull conference calls

A recent article in the Irish Times bemoaned the futility and odiousness of Conference Calls. Problems listed included:

  • People dialling in late.
  • Not knowing the people on the call.
  • Dogs barking in the background.

Dull Conference Calls

This obviously caught our attention as that’s the service we provide! While all these problems do occur, it’s not always the fault of the Conference Call system. Dogs bark in the real world, not just when you’re on a Conference Call.

Imagine a group of people in a face-to-face meeting some of whom arrived late, some of whom didn’t know each other and without a Host taking charge, introducing people and clarifying agendas? That meeting would be equally poor (except people might have travelled halfway around the world to get to it).

The Solution

Judging by the comments on we’re not the only ones who believe this. You could take a look at our guide to hosting an effective meeting, but if you’re pressed for time like Lucy Kellaway you might find our mobile app a bit handier. It allows you to:

  • Dial out to all of your guests with one click – no waiting on hold or talking about the weather.
  • Allows you to see your callers in real time – mute the line with the dog.
  • See who’s talking in real time – no more guessing.

While it can’t stop the naughty managers who want to cover their backs with conference calls, if you know how to work the mute you should just about get the dishwasher done.