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If you’re hearing hold music on a call when you are not expecting it, there are a couple of causes.

1: The Hold Music is coming from our system because no one has yet dialled in as the Host.
One of the first things to check if there is still hold music playing when you want to start your call is if anyone has dialled into the conference using the Host Code. You can find out more about the differences between Host and Guest Codes here.

One of the best ways to resolve this is to bypass Host and Guest codes and any confusion they cause by using our mobile app 247meeting Mobile.

2: One of your Participants/Guests lines is playing Hold Music into the call.
This can often happen if Guests have been waiting for the call to begin for a long period of time. They may take another call on that phone or may put their call to the conference on Hold by accident.

You can resolve this by dialling *5 as the Host to put everyone, except the Host on mute. Anyone who needs to speak can dial *6 at any time to unmute their line individually.

If using our mobile app, 247meeting Mobile, you can visually identify which line is playing Hold Music into the call and mute that individual line directly within the app.

Mute a Noisy Line

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