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A Conference Call App to connect to a meeting from Anywhere


247meeting combines technical experience with outstanding customer service to deliver a comprehensive range of high quality solutions at competitive prices.

Landlines or Mobiles

Dial anyone with any phone anywhere

Start now or soon

Start a call immediately or give your guests a few minutes

Use your own Contacts

Select from your existing Contacts with one touch

Create Groups

Create a Sales Group, Management Group or any group – call them with a single button.

Add new Contacts

Add in new contacts whenever you want

SMS Notifications

Send SMS Notifications to let your guests know to expect a call

Our Satisfied Clients

“I was amazed how easy it was to make a conference call away from the office with 247meeting’s mobile app. Yesterday I had to organise a conference call in a hurry. I arranged the call with colleagues on landlines and mobiles around Europe in seconds. It was just a matter of selecting my guests and hitting the start button. I’m converted.”Conal Henry, CEO Enet
“Making conference calls while on the move is an essential part of my working life. 247meeting’s mobile app makes it so easy with no PINs or Dial In details needed by me or my colleagues.”John Flannery, Topform
“Managing my sales team via conference calls is how I operate efficiently. With the launch of 247meeting’s mobile app, the whole thing has just got easier. There is no fuss with passcodes and no need for guests to download any software. So my team spend less time looking up conference call details and more time talking to our customers. It’s a win, win solution!”Neil Smith, KTL
"We are saving 60% on our conference call bill every month by using 247meeting."
"I love the peace of mind Anytime Secure offers us because we can book one off conference calls with unique PINs"
“The call quality is incredible with 247meeting. I am so impressed with their uptime and reliability we will continue to partner with them in to the future.”Graham Grumley, Chief Executive, Tile Devil
“Dealing with banks all over the world means I need to be confident that my international colleagues can participate in my conference calls. With 247meeting there is no issue as they have dial in numbers in 97 countries.”Fergus White, Director, Xeon Financial Services
“247meeting’s customer service is excellent. They bend over backwards to fix any issue asap.”Sarah Ni Ruairc, Irish Orienteering Association
“With 247meeting’s MyAdmin tool it’s really simple to manage our account online and it takes me less than 2 minutes to set up a new user.”Stella Glavin, Nelipak Healthcare Packaging