How to host a big Conference Call from an iPhone?

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We often think that we are unable to do what we need to do when we’re away from our office. Sending email is tedious. Reviewing slides is like climbing Mount Everest. Having a big conference call on the go? No way! A smartphone is never as convenient as a good old spider phone!


Basically, what do you need when you’re hosting a big conference call?

You need to:

  • be able to reach whoever you want
  • ensure everybody joins. On time would be even better
  • spare your international guests the fuss of country dial-in numbers or PIN codes
  • mute one or all your guests while you’re speaking
  • identify which lines are making noise and mute them
  • talk in one-to-one with a team member
  • control who is on your call

247meeting Mobile app meets all these requirements. Instead of waiting for your guests to join, you call them all at once on their landline, mobile or even in a foreign country. The app ensures that your guests will be on time and won’t have to bother about PIN codes.

Download 247meeting Mobile to find out.

The app is very intuitive. You’ll start your Conference in one touch. If you want to go further and discover every feature, follow our walkthrough and get started with free credit.

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