Dial in Numbers

Which dial in number should I use? Which dial in number should my Guests use?

You and your guests can use any combination of the dial in numbers available at www.247meeting.com/numbers to join a conference call. We generally recommend you choose the number closest to your current location; but there’s nothing to stop you from dialling into the Tokyo number from your Dublin office, while your London guest dials into the Frankfurt number and your Italian guest dials into the San Jose number.

Who pays for the call made into the conference?

Dialing into a conference is the same as ringing a shop, business, or friend, therefore, your guests will be charged accordingly by their network provider (Vodafone, 3, Orange, BT, etc.). Thankfully, most providers now offer free national calls, which is why we strive to offer so many numbers worldwide! However, if you want to be certain that your guest will not incur any charge for the call – you can always offer them a Toll Free number.

At the end of the month, the Host is billed separately by 247meeting for the Conference Call service.

How many Hosts can you have in a conference call?

It is possible for more than one person to dial into the conference using the Host code. The first Host to dial in will stop the hold music and allow the conference to start. Please note we actively discourage sharing host codes for security reasons.

If my Guests dial in without the Host what happens?

The conference cannot begin until the Host arrives. All Guests will hear hold music until the host arrives.