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“Go with your Gut” – Gavan Doherty shares one of his business tip with Rescue a CEO

Entrepreneurship can be a hard and lonely path. You need to know beforehand where you are going before committing to such a decision. Knowing this, Gresham Markles, Editor in Chief of the blog Rescue a CEO contacted a few successful CEOs, among which Gavan Doherty, to ask them to share their best business tips. Find...

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Fraudsters forced telecoms chief to come up with conference call answers – Sunday Independent Business

Gabrielle Monaghan from The Sunday Independent Business interviewed Gavan Doherty, CEO of 247meeting, on how he reacted to a fraud by creating a great conference call confidentiality app. Discover the interview!   In December 2010, Ireland was in the doldrums. Not only had the country just been forced into an EU/IMF bailout programme, it was...

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Look who’s listening – The key to secure Conference Calls

Conference Call facilities may be a convenient and cost-efficient way to hold meetings, but they can also represent significant security vulnerability.   Gavan Doherty shared with Accountancy Ireland 15-years experience working with enterprises and the best Law firms. He explained how the 247meeting Mobile app answers his customers’ requirements for secure conference calls. If you...

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Gavan Doherty, CEO of 247meeting, on Connemara FM

Thursday 15th of March 2018, Gavan Doherty was on Connemara FM to talk about our latest research on Productivity lost in meetings. He also shared insights on how an app such as 247meeting Mobile can help communications in small and/or isolated communities. Listen to the full interview here:  

This browser doesn't support WebRTC so you won't be able to use Computer Audio to join a conference call.
Please use a browser that supports WebRTC such as either Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

247Meeting: Our description

247meeting is a conferencing services company that offers crystal-clear, reliable and secure communications to its customers so they can focus on what matters.

PIN codes, dial-in numbers, unexpected guests, useless waiting… Conference calls are a nuisance for most people. 247meeting is revolutionising the way people use conference calls. No more dialling “into” a call, 247meeting has created 247meeting Mobile, an app to organise group calls as easily as a 1-to-1 conversation. The Host controls who is on their call, avoiding any risk of a confidentiality breach.

Alongside 247meeting Mobile App, the company offers a range of audio conferencing, web conferencing and video conferencing services to fulfil the collaboration needs of globally growing businesses.
The Irish company, founded by Gavan Doherty in 2005, has grown its client base to 15,000 customers, across 57 countries, supported 24×7. Clients range from Irish and overseas-based multinationals such as Irish Life, KPMG, Boots, Hertz Europe, and IBM, right through to Irish SMEs targeting export growth with dispersed staff, sales teams, partners and clients in overseas markets.

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