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Pay as you go!

Hosts pay for the 247meeting conference facility costs, and both Hosts and Guests pay their own telephone / mobile network providers when dialing into the 247meeting dial-in numbers.

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Mobile App Conferencing

Host Pays
Guest(s) Pays
  • Nothing

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Host Pays
  • €0.05$0.05£0.05

    per min, per participant Anytime: €0.05$0.05£0.05 Anytime Secure: €0.05$0.05£0.05


    Own network charges*

Guest(s) Pays
  • Own network charges*


Event Call

Host Pays
  • €0.16$0.16£0.16

    per min, per participant


    Optional Addons Q&A Facility: €100/hr$115/hr£86/hr Transcription: €150/hr$170/hr£130/hr Recording: €45$51£40


    Own Network Charges*

Guest(s) Pays
  • Own Network Charges*


Web / Video

Host Pays
  • From


    per month

Guest(s) Pays
  • Nothing


* Additional network charges may be charged by each participants own telephone / mobile network providers when dialing into the 247meeting dial-in numbers.

Mobile Conference Call Summary

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your 247meeting Mobile prices at normal provider rates?

If you make a call using our app, 247meeting Mobile, from Dublin to London, our rates per number called will be very similar to what you would pay using your mobile service provider.

For some destinations, our app rates will even be lower than what your mobile service provider offers you.

Why are there different Number Types?

We have four Dial-In Number types: Local, Premium Local, Shared Cost and Toll-Free.

A Dial-In Number is a number you dial to join the conference. The full list of Dial-In Numbers that we offer is available on our numbers page.

1. Local Numbers

They are the most common type of number and are covered in our Standard Rate of €0.06 per participant, per minute. They are called ‘Local’ numbers because they are typically associated with a specific city to provide cost effectiveness and accessibility for you and your participants. In telecoms, these are referred to as Geographical numbers.

Some examples of Local Numbers include:

  • Ireland, Dublin: 01 489 7200
  • France, Paris: 01 79 97 46 55
  • US, Boston (MA): 01 617 649 9656

When dialling into a conference, the nearest Local Number to your current location, even if there isn’t a Local Number specific to your city or country, should be your first preference.

2. Premium Local Numbers.

Due to telecoms restrictions, we are unable to offer all our Local Numbers for the same rate. In certain locations, the Local number is charged at a premium rate. In order to alert our customers to the higher charge, we refer to these numbers as Premium Local Numbers.

Each Premium Local Number is charged individually. If you would like to see the charges for these numbers you can request a rate card from us.

3. Toll-Free Numbers

They are the most expensive numbers that we offer. We offer these numbers worldwide but we only recommend them if there is no reasonable Local Number alternative or if you would like to guarantee your special Guest a cost-free call.

Often our customers believe that they can use our Toll-Free numbers and the conference call will be free. This is not the case, Toll-Free refers to the Network costs being waived for your Guest and being passed on to the Host.

Each Toll-Free Number is charged individually. If you would like to see the charges for these numbers you can request a rate card from us.

Our Toll-Free Cost Control feature allows you, or your Administrator, to control access to these numbers as needed.

Which dial in number should I use? Which dial in number should my Guests use?

You and your guests can use any combination of the dial-in numbers available at to join the same conference call. We generally recommend you choose the number closest to your current location as it should help you cut down on Network Costs; but there’s nothing to stop you from dialling into the Tokyo number from your Dublin office, while your London guest dials into the Frankfurt number and your Italian guest dials into the San Jose number.

The only exception is if your Account Administrator has implemented Toll-Free Cost Control, where they have requested to restrict your access to our more expensive and premium Numbers. However, you will not be able to see the Premium numbers if they are restricted to you so you do not need to worry about how to identify which numbers will work for you.

If you have received a Wallet Card with a Dial-In Number, this is just a guide to the number you might most frequently use it does not limit you to only using that particular number. You can request a new Wallet Card with a different Local Number by contacting us.

How many Hosts can I have in a conference call?

It is possible for more than one person to dial into the conference using the Host code. The first Host to dial in will stop the hold music and allow the conference to start. Please note we actively discourage sharing host codes for security reasons.