Audio Quality

This browser doesn't support WebRTC so you won't be able to use Computer Audio to join a conference call.
Please use a browser that supports WebRTC such as either Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

Improve Audio Quality and Reduce Noise

It’s a fact of life that some callers in your conference call may bring background noise into your conference call. Here are some tips to help you reduce this noise and improve the experience for all you other Guests.

  • Avoid long distance calls into your conference, notify your guests they should use their closest local number as listed at
  • Avoid speakerphones if possible; speakerphones can introduce their own noise and echo. If someone on the call is using a speakerphone, ask them to mute their line when not talking.
  • If speakerphones are unavoidable, make sure the volume is not too high on them as this can cause echo and distortion
  • Avoid typing, rustling papers and heavy breathing. Any of these activities can bring in noise into the conference call.

If you experience consistent issues which aren’t alleviated by the above, please contact us to arrange some testing. We will need to know:

  • Does this happen on all calls or just with some groups?
  • Does the same happen if you dial in from a different handset/extension (or even a mobile)?
  • Do other callers on the line hear the same?
  • Does the same happen if you dial into a conference via another 247meeting dial-in number (see
  • Has your local IT/System Administration looked into this issue?

If you hear a really loud crackling in your conference, here’s an explanation of that cause:

One of the callers dialled the same line into the conference call twice

  • This causes a loud crackling/static noise which renders the conference unusable until those lines are hung up
  • We see this every few months – it’s typically caused by using boardroom speakerphones which can be powered off without actually hanging up a call. When powered up a second call is placed along the same audio path, causing the noise

If this happens (although it is rare) you can do two things:

  1. Use the ## command on your keypad (Host hangup) which hangs up all lines
  2. Contact Customer Service who can hang the the lines with the issue up