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Lecture Mode with Active Mute

Many conference call systems allow the Host of the call to mute all the Guest lines, emulating a real-world Lecture Theatre where there is one speaker and the audience is entirely in ‘Listen’ mode. This is very effective in eliminating background noises and interruptions.

However most conference call systems only allow the Host to mute everyone or unmute everyone. As a result if a Guest has a question they cannot ask it until all lines are open again. There is one drawback to this setup and that is the lack of audience feedback. Most speakers recognise the value of audience participation and feedback – the interaction allows greater understanding and recall.

247meeting’s system has a built-in solution to this deficit – Active Mute.
By default when the Host presses *5 to enter ‘Lecture Mode‘, Guests are in ‘Active Mute‘ meaning they can still unmute their own lines if they have a question to ask by pressing *6 on their keypad

Suitable uses:

  • conference calls greater than about 15-20 people
  • conference calls where there is a formal presentation being given by one speaker
  • conference calls where some of the participants are travelling
  • conference calls where it would be difficult to have all participants mute themselves (eg large calls with customers)

How to enable:

  • Host presses *5
  • All Guests are are in ‘Active Mute’
  • any Guest can unmute themselves by pressing *6

Available to:

  • Host only