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International Conference Calls


Can I hold an International Conference Call?

The answer is very simple  – Yes! – your guests can dial from anywhere in the world using any of our international dial-in numbers.

The system puts callers into conference only based on their PIN code, not what dial-in number they dial into. You could have a conference call with the Host dialling into the Dublin number, and Guests dialling into Cape Town, London or also Dublin.


If for example you’re hosting a call in the United Kingdom but some of your Guests are dialling in from the United States and other countries you can give them a link to our dial-in numbers page or look up a number that nearest to them in the United States. You can also log into your Control Panel, go to our numbers page and forward them the US freephone number.


Can someone in France dial into one of the UK numbers?

Yes, in general most phones will allow the French caller to make a call to the UK (unless international calls are purposely blocked, eg from their place of work). There’s no difference to the conference call, but it might be cheaper for your French guest to dial a local number listed on the dial-in numbers page.


Is there a different cost for the international dial-in numbers?

For the numbers listed on our International dial-in numbers page, the same cost applies whether the caller is dialling into a local number in Japan or a local number in London. Our standard price is only 5c per minute