Resources Category: Security

In the past, the usual prompt for participants to record their name has been entirely optional. Those useful announcements, such as:
‘John has joined the conference ‘
‘John has left the conference’
they aren’t much help when there’s no name attached. You and your participants know that someone has joined or left, but in order to find out who, you’re going to have to ask.
It can be both disruptive and embarrassing. More seriously, it can cause a security breach. If you don’t know exactly who is on the call at all times, privileged and sensitive information is at risk.

If you need to know who is on your call, in real time, the best option is to use 247meeting Mobile which shows you all the participants in a call, live from the app.


Alternatively, you can use Required Name Recording with our standard service. With Required Name Recording, you can count on seamless introductions. Once you enable this feature for your account, every participant must go through the mandatory name recording process on entry. No one will be able to join a call until they have added their name. You can turn this feature on from MyAdmin with a single click.

First, log into MyAdmin.

Conference Details Page
The Conference Details page displays essential information needed to host a conference call and allows you to change your conference preferences. Under the ‘Audio Conferencing’ heading, as shown in the screenshot below, you have access to your advanced settings.



Beside ‘Advanced Options’ there is a ‘Click here’ link which when followed will bring up the ‘Advanced Options’ box.

Make sure you’ve selected ‘Name’ as your preferable entry/exit tone.


Now tick the box next to ‘Required Name Recording’ option.
Once you have made your changes hit ‘Save Settings’ and you will be redirected to the ‘Conference Details’ page. Your conference preferences will now be updated.