Resources Category: Share Your Screen

If you are looking to share your screen, presentation or powerpoint we offer a variety of Visual Conferencing tools to facilitate this; however, we recommend our most popular tool – Zoom. To set this up for your account please follow these steps:

1: Log into MyAdmin.

2: Once you have logged in you will be redirected to the MyAdmin landing page. Locate ‘Web Conferencing’ on the bottom of the landing page.


3: Under the Zoom heading, click on the ‘Sign up’ button.


4: Once clicked and the system message emailed to the address you Logged In with you will see the following pop up

5: Check your email for the activation message. Don’t forget your Spam or Junk folders. Once located, click on the activation link within the email.


6: This link will bring you to an activation page where you will need to enter your details and Zoom password.

Once filled in, you will be brought to your Zoom account and be ready to host a Zoom web conference.