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What’s in this Ebook?

At 247meeting we provide services like 247meeting Mobile to many Project Managers and Sales Managers to save them time and hassle so they can effectively communicate with their team. Our services are trusted by many to help them implement their Sales Leadership skills. Have you taken the time to appraise your Leadership Style? With our ebook you can:

  • Identify and evaluate your own unique Leadership Style.
  • See how your Leadership Style stacks up against the competition.
  • Gauge how your Sales Leadership Style will impact on your associates.
  • Discover the results you can expect implementing your Leadership Style.

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    What people are saying

    “I had always felt that, with my management style, I was never sure which camp I fell into but ‘The Essential Guide for Sales Managers’ really helped me define my management identity -especially around the client acquisition team.”

    Partner, BLG Chartered Accountants

    “I’ve always had a distinctive strategy with my Sales Team but I never knew the terminology surrounding that. Now that I can clearly label myself as an Autocrat I can compare notes with other leaders and see what contributes the most to our Sales Department.”

    Sales Manager, Aramark

    “I never thought about my personality as a leader – why should my personality be different from the general day to day? Now that I’ve read about how that persona might influence our sales performance I think it’s time I re-evaluated my attitude.”

    Manager, Vintage Press UK

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