Anytime Secure Conference Call

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secure voice conferencing

Secure and Confidential Conference Calls are Essential. Recent research shows that 78% of regular Conference Callers have experienced the wrong people on their call. 34% stated they were never sure who was on their call. Avoid the implications of these statistics with Anytime Secure.

As confidentiality and security come into focus, many organisations are reviewing their conference call systems. With more than 10 years’ experience providing secure conference services 247meeting has developed some unique Security Features, including Anytime Secure.

‘Disposable’ Conference Calls are an innovative conference calling product which delivers a high level of security for our clients. This product issues one-off PIN codes which are not reusable. This prevents previous callers dialing back into your conference call number, keeping your information safe and secure.

PINs can be activated through our online account management tool or our mobile app.