Large Event Call

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Communication with stakeholders is critical for your business. 247meeting Event Calls are one-off, operator assisted, conference calls for up to 15,000 attendees. Professionally run audio events enable smart working and avoid room and travel expenses.

We guarantee you can focus on perfecting your message while we ensure the smooth running of your virtual events.

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Our professional team of virtual event managers are with you every step of the way ensuring a first class event experience for your attendees. Consult our Pricing Page for more details on our add-ons.

Pre Event Call

Consult with our dedicated team of virtual event managers prior to your event to ensure smooth execution. Design Event Virtual event managers are on hand to advise you on the ideal running order of your event and to provide you with solutions to foreseen issues.

  • Audio Check
    An audio check is completed to guarantee call quality.
  • Customisation
    Customise your event with a tailored welcome message or hold music.
  • Operator Greeted
    Each caller is greeted by an experienced operator so your callers don’t have to enter a PIN code.
  • Passcode Entry
    Attendees can enter your event via a PIN code if you prefer.
  • Participant Information Capture
    Each caller can be asked for some information for a greater degree of security. Uninvited guests can be removed.
  • Invitations
    Mass messages can be sent via email or SMS.
  • Pre Recorded Introduction
    The introduction to your event can be pre recorded.
  • Capacity
    Event calls can cater for up to 15,000 guests!

During Event Call

Benefit from our highly trained experts to support you during your call.

  • Live Assistance
    The entire call is monitored by experienced operators to ensure slick execution. Our operators are live on chat or available on private phone line.
  • Technical Monitoring
    A team of technical experts are available to safeguard the quality of your call.
  • Online Call Viewer
    Calls can be viewed online in real-time allowing you to view who is on the call. Facilitates management and control of Q & A session.
  • Q & A Session
    Callers can put questions to speakers to increase interaction. Efficient running of this session is ensured by close collaboration.
  • Automatic Lecture Mode
    Your message will be clearly heard as all guest lines are muted.
  • Participant Polling
    Operators can manage feedback via surveys.
  • Webconferencing/Webcasting
    Add a visual dimension to your event.

Post Event Call

Providing a recording of your event and analysing the success of your event are essential.

  • Comprehensive Reporting
    Attendance reports outline who was on your call and duration of attendance. Reports can be provided on participation and polling.
  • Automatic Recording
    The conference can be automatically recorded to enable playback later or for website publication. Recordings can be provided in a number of formats.
  • Conference Playback
    Guests who were unable to attend can dial in and listen back.
  • Transcription
    Full call transcription services provide a quick reference point.
  • Translation
    Event scripts can be translated.

If you are interested in a more engaging solution, involving Presentations sharing, live video broadcast, Q&A and polls, take a look at our Webinar for Large Events.