The best of the worst excuses for delayed conference calls

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If you work in an office, the chances are that you’ve already had at least a dozen of conference calls in your working life. In my case, I had more than 250 of them before I joined 247meeting. Let’s say I’ve heard (and use) a lot of excuses for delays.

The Eternal Malediction: “I couldn’t find the PIN code.”

The Indigent: “There wasn’t a conference phone in my meeting room.”

The VIP: “I was on something urgent for my client. It would have been Chaos if I didn’t stay behind.”

The Narcoleptic:I fell asleep in my tram and woke up at the depot.

The Calendar’s Conundrum: “I couldn’t see the conference call in my calendar.”

The “Not So Funny”: “My goldfish was feverish this morning. I had to take him to the vet.”

The Public Transport Paradigm: “My train was delayed because of the rain/snow/warmth.” (delete as required)

The “Together We Stand”: “I was waiting for my teammate to join the audio conference.”

The Very Honest: “Everybody is always late. I didn’t want to be left waiting.”

The Inferiority Complex: “I wasn’t sure I was relevant to the meeting.”

The Imaginary Friend: “I alerted Paul. He’s not there yet?”

The Meeting Marathoner: “Sorry, my 10 o’clock ran over.”

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