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What’s in this White Paper?

Meetings are essential to take decisions and smoothly coordinate projects. But any office worker will also tell you how time-consuming, when not useless, they are. 
This research focused on finding what the hidden cost of meetings is. Where is time wasted? How could it be optimised? It examines a comprehensive database of conference calls in Ireland and globally.
This white paper will help you recover time and therefore money. After reading it, you will:
  • Understand where you and millions of professionals waste their time
  • Estimate the cost of that time loss for you and your company
  • Discover national and global meetings’ data to see how your own meetings stack up
  • Improve your meetings, save time and money by implementing science-based and experts-approved recommendations

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    What people are saying

    “I had always felt that, with my management style, I was never sure which camp I fell into but ‘The Essential Guide for Sales Managers’ really helped me define my management identity -especially around the client acquisition team.”

    Partner, BLG Chartered Accountants

    “I’ve always had a distinctive strategy with my Sales Team but I never knew the terminology surrounding that. Now that I can clearly label myself as an Autocrat I can compare notes with other leaders and see what contributes the most to our Sales Department.”

    Sales Manager, Aramark

    “I never thought about my personality as a leader – why should my personality be different from the general day to day? Now that I’ve read about how that persona might influence our sales performance I think it’s time I re-evaluated my attitude.”

    Manager, Vintage Press UK

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