2016 Wrap Up

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2016 was a huge year for 247meeting. We always want to give our customers the best experience possible. This is difficult when your industry typically induces eye rolling or painful flashbacks. Conference calls are considered a necessary evil which, let’s face it, most employees avoid participating in at all costs.

Last year 247meeting launched our exciting new app which will revolutionise conference calls into a painless and indispensable tool! In our 2016 wrap up we walk you through the final stages of the development process and the rebranding we did to celebrate the launch of 247meeting Mobile.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and 247meeting Mobile wasn’t built in a year. 247meeting Mobile started as soon as 247meeting was first being promoted. Gavan Doherty tells us how the idea for the App came to be: “When we started speaking with potential clients we would often talk about any difficulties they were having with their existing service. The same issues kept cropping up, like Guests arriving late, losing or forgetting PIN codes, time-zone confusion, etc. It was obvious to me that while there wasn’t necessarily anything wrong with conference calls themselves the user experience design…well conference calls didn’t have any user experience design built in.”

Gavan’s desire to improve the user experience never went away and as mobile technology began to develop in leaps and bounds 247meeting began to seize on the opportunities that stemmed from those developments. At the beginning of 2016 our development team was the largest it had ever been with staff working directly on the app’s features and the existing infrastructure which would support the app so that we could offer an innovative conference call experience supported by our robust and tried & true conference bridge system of 10+ years.

We put the finishing touches on the iPhone and Android apps and in late 2016 247meeting Mobile was launched! To coincide with the launch our Marketing and Communications teams dedicated 2016 to redesigning not only our logo and marketing materials but also our website, to deliver a great visitor experience and to ensure our customers could easily access the info they need.

It was a long process and a significant investment that wasn’t without risk, especially when dealing with a brand that had been established for 10 years. According to the Marketing Manager: “The existing branding had served us well for 10 years but we really believe in 247meeting Mobile and we wanted its launch to have as much impact as possible, so it made sense for us not only to refresh the branding concurrently but also to put the App at the centre of our story.”

For the rebranding we collaborated with outside designers and marketing agencies – it’s always great to get fresh eyes and a new perspective on things – especially when our main focus is to communicate our services clearly to newcomers, not just to our product but to conference calls in general. Amy describes the process: “My favourite part was the brainstorming sessions – which can always be a bit painful at first but once people started having fun and realised there are no bad ideas I really got to see my colleagues’ creativity run riot.”

We got a lot out of the rebranding, we were able to touch base with the company’s core values and ensure that both our existing service and new, phenomenal app are based on the idea of giving our customers the best experience possible – for the first time ever Conference Calls have user experience design built in!

We hope you enjoy our new look and be sure to try 247meeting Mobile today!

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