An Open Letter to Robert Kelly Following Your BBC Interview: We Have The Solution.

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Dear Mr Kelly,

By now we’ve all been introduced to the tele-interview viewed around the world and our raucous, but empathetic, laughter has subsided for dread – when will it happen to us? When will we be remote presenting to our boss, our CEO, a new HR manager, the national broadcaster? We’ve written about pet friendly conference calls before but children aren’t such a malleable force.

Having hands on experience with our customers for over 10 years we can tell you with certainty, Mr. Kelly, that you are far from the first and you won’t be the last. However, our experience has also given us a wealth of strategies to make sure you’re ready when disaster – in a stylish yellow jumper – strikes.

First, set up your meeting so that you have some relevant visuals ready in a presentation beforehand. If you have this ready and open on your screen, using our web conferencing tool Zoom you can quickly switch between your webcam and sharing your screen so that you can apprehend any visual distractions, if and when they occur.

Our favourite catchphrase at 247meeting HQ is “When in doubt, mute”. It’s our favourite for a very good reason. Muting and thereby killing the conversation may not always be a viable option, however, Zoom has a very convenient chat feature you can switch to, to stall until the distractions have been cleared. Imagine how much smoother things could have run had you been able to have a few muted minutes off screen to call to your assistant for, well, assistance.

Finally, it’s not all about the slickest, newest technology. Sometimes the tried and true solutions are the best! Lock your doors from the inside – even though you might still need to mute your line to protect your conference from determined, pounding fists.

We hope these ideas can help you get your ideas out into the world with more ease, clarity and professionalism and don’t hesitate to let us know if ever we can be of help!

Kindest regards,
All at 247meeting

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