Financial Advantages

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With no standing charges or hidden fees and extra features included, we only
charge you for usage, based on an easy and transparent per minute model.


Our pricing is structured specifically in order to remove some of the administrative barriers for using your account. There are no monthly or minimum charges and end-user account creation is free.

For a full description of our pricing, please see our pricing page.

Transparent Billing

247meeting’s billing has a single, per minute charge, per dialled call. There are no extra charges, minimum charges or administration fees.

Client Matter Codes

For Legal and Professional practices, track you Billing codes easily. Legal practices need to bill accurately for time on calls quickly and efficiently. Client matter codes enable Legal Practices to bill for clients time precisely which means running your practice more cost-effectively.

Client matter codes reduce administration overhead as they avoid administrators desk hopping or excessive emails to establish which calls are to be billed to which clients. They are easy to set up and manage using our online account management tool.

Toll-Free Cost Control

Conference Calling is an essential tool to ensure businesses operate efficiently. 247meeting offer simple and cost-effective pricing for conference calls. As a result, we have developed an innovative and unique product feature, Toll-Free Cost Control which is not offered by any of our local or international competitors.

  • Frequently staff accessing conference calls from mobiles are under the impression that Toll-Free and Lo Call numbers are free which can create bill shock for customers.
  • Toll-Free Cost Control means that System Administrators can control which staff can access conference calls via Freephone numbers.
  • Users without sufficient privileges hear a message advising that they have the correct PIN code but must redial the appropriate local number in order to access the conference call.
  • Toll-Free Cost Control means conference call budget control as selected users can only be charged our competitive flat rate of 5c per minute on our global network. Savings can be as high as 45% on conference call costs annually.


Using 247meetings online Control Panel, Financial Administrators can monitor conference call usage by location, user or conference call type as well as facilitate effective budget management & planning.

Flexible Contracts

Despite the assurance of a High-Performance Service Level Agreement (SLA), 247meeting does not insist on any long-term commitment allowing either 12-month or 1-month terms.

Invoicing and Payments

We offer a range of payment methods, including EFT, Direct Debit and Credit Card as well as fully customisable invoicing options – whether you need to apply cost codes per user or per call, we can facilitate your cost administration needs.