Legal Advantages

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247meeting has 13 years’ experience in delivering Conference Calls and has developed innovative solutions tailored specifically for Legal firms to ensure confidential Conference Calls that are easy to use and bill clients for.

Client matter codes

Legal practices need to bill accurately for time on calls quickly and efficiently. Client matter codes enable Legal Practices to bill for clients’ time precisely which means running your practice more cost-effectively.

Client matter codes reduce administration overhead as they avoid administrators ‘desk hopping’ or excessive emails to establish which calls are to be billed to which clients. They are easy to set up and manage using our online account management tool.

Secure and Confidential Conference Calls

Recent research shows that 78% of regular Conference Callers have experienced the wrong people on their call. 34% stated they were never sure who was on their call. As confidentiality and security come into focus, many organisations are reviewing their conference call systems.

With more than 10 years’ experience providing for legal practices 247meeting has developed some unique Security Features.

Security Features

  • Disposable Conference Calls: Disposable Conference Calls are an innovative conference calling product which delivers a high level of security for Legal Practices. This product issues one off PINs to dial in to your conference call number. PINs can be activated through our online account management tool or our mobile app.
  • Secure Name Record: Announcements prompt each caller to say their name. With 247meeting you can add a further layer of security by requiring callers to say their names (i.e. no silence allowed).
  • Roll Call: This tells you how many guests are on your call while you are in conference. It can also be set so you hear your guests’ names as they have recorded them.
  • View Callers in Real-Time: Alternatively you can view callers on your PC while you are in a conference by using our online account management tool or on your mobile if you are using our app.
  • Dial-Out to Your Guests: You have the option to dial out only to your guests so you can be sure who is on your call.
  • Host Hang Up Hold Music: To protect confidentiality and integrity, your call can be configured to put all callers on Hold Music if the Host drops off. Hold Music can be customised to play music or a message of your choice.
  • Talk Privately: With our mobile app you can pick any line you want and discuss confidential matters privately while in a conference.