Technical Advantages

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247meeting provides several technological advantages over our competitors. These include reliability, network security, coverage and extensibility.

Reliability of service is essential for running conference calls and 247meeting is the industry leader in this area. 247meeting has an unbeatable 99.99999% record for reliability. This is made possible by full redundancy.

Conference Calling System

  • Bespoke Intelligent Platform, based on redundant VM Architecture Redundant on-board Power Supply
  • RAID 1 Hard Disk redundancy
  • Fully redundant physical server mirrored and available for failover

Network Security

  • 24×7 human on-site SNMP monitoring
  • E1 PSTN connectivity to British Telecom global telephone network
  • IP Connectivity to a mesh of 3 major international carriers for Transit IP connectivity
  • Fully meshed BGP4 network infrastructure providing four levels of redundancy
  • Juniper® managed firewall

Co-Location Redundancy

  • 10Mw availability from Electricity Supply Board
  • 5 x 2.5Mw Caterpillar diesel generators provide up to 72 hours redundancy
  • UPS (7.2Mw of battery UPS) provides 22 minutes redundancy
  • Clean earthing and over-voltage protection
  • cabinet by cabinet UPS
  • Air Conditioning infrastructure comprises 6 CLIMAVENETA ® chillers (1 MW each)

Co-Location Security

  • 24-hour advance written application for site visits, Photo-ID required.
  • CCTV throughout
  • Automatic Fire detection
  •  Neighbours include eBay and PayPal

247meeting’s Voice Conferencing business is entirely dependent on its Call Quality. With over 120 million Minutes of Usage (MoU) per annum this is of the utmost importance. We use the following to ensure that it is of the highest standard:

  • Automated testing with human Mean Opinion Score (MOS) rating as per ITU-T recommendation P.800
  • Automated Audio interference detection
  • Premium Lines NOC alert
  • Advanced Acoustic handling (eg Muplex), allowing individual callers’ audio to be reduced within the conference mix
  • Whisper to alert a user that their line may be bringing in interference Use only of Tier 1, PSTN carriers

247meeting’s system design allows IT Managers to extend the capability across several Architected Layers of the system:

Database Layer

Account Management, PIN code Management, Booking and Scheduling, Security, Authentication, Reporting

XML, HTTP(S), SQL, LDAP (Active Directory), SMTP

Media Layer

Multi-protocol call setup and transport

SIP (G.711, G.722, G.729), H.264, WebRTC

In practice, this means that with 247meeting as a partner, you are choosing a platform that can grow and extend with your other IT Infrastructure and Investments.

Examples Include

  • PBX Integration: Send calls directly from your PBX to our Platform, bypassing the expense of the Public Switched Telephone Network.
  • SIP client connectivity: Reduce expensive mobile roaming bills for business travellers. They can connect by SIP for free over a broadband or Wi-Fi connection.
  • Active Directory Integration: Integrate your Conference Call users with your Active Directory installation (custom Attribute or standalone), reducing the overhead of managing users manually.
  • WebRTC: Dial into your conference call directly from a browser.
  • Integration with in-room Video Conferencing Suites: Many in-room systems can be configured to make SIP calls; allow end-users that are on the move to join Video Calls from their mobile or phone.
  • Import call data into your ERP system: 247meeting Call Detail Records are available by XML Feed – these can be imported directly into your own Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Billing systems